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How to hide a Telegram account from other users?

How to hide your Telegram account with nod32 key and prevent other people from following the link to your page? There are special settings!

Setting up an account
First, let’s figure out what it means in the Telegram “account is hidden by the user”?

Such an inscription can be seen after clicking on the person’s name – for example, you have been forwarded a message from an unfamiliar contact, you want to look at the profile, but are faced with a similar notification. A fairly common situation, because many people want to use the messenger as confidentially as possible.

Now it is clear what this means – “the account is hidden by the user” in Telegram! We figured out the theoretical issue, it’s time to move on to practice and configure privacy accordingly. If you also want to hide your profile from prying eyes, you need to use the corresponding option.

Open the messenger and click on the settings button;
On an iPhone, the gear is on the bottom panel;
On Android, you need to click on the three stripes in the upper left corner, then go to the settings.

Now we will figure out how to create a hidden account in the Telegram! It is necessary to find the subsection “Confidentiality”, where there is a block of the same name – it contains all the necessary settings.

Find the Forwarding Messages tab and open it.

You can select one of the following values ​​- “Everyone”, “Nobody” or “My contacts”. It depends on your choice who can link to the profile when forwarding messages.

If you want to understand how to hide your Telegram account from everyone, choose the “Nobody” option. Then no one can follow your name and rate your profile. If you admit certain exceptions, configure them by clicking on the corresponding icon. You can also hide exclusively from strangers, leaving the page visible for the contact list.

Now your Telegram account is also hidden by the user! Let’s not ignore the other settings, they will take your privacy to a higher level.

You can deny to all people or only users who are not included in the phone book:

See phone number
View last activity data
Ability to forward messages
Ability to invite to groups and channels
View profile photo
Possibility to call
Each parameter can be configured with user exceptions in mind! Try it, we are sure – you will find your optimal privacy settings.