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Instagram wants to master blockchain

The social network Instagram is now preparing the “Week of Creators” – a large-scale event for 5,000 digital artists and authors. Instagram Creator Week is being held for the first time, its task is to develop new incentive tools for bloggers and artists on the social network. Only people from the USA were invited to the event.

As part of this event, Instagram executives gathered to do a panel discussion with NFT stars. But everything did not go according to plan – one of the digital stars, Sean Williams, decided to strike a pose.

– Instagram offered me $ 1,000 to tell their developers everything about NFT and help them build a blockchain platform. At the same time, first of all, they forced me to sign a non-disclosure agreement – and I refused, – said the artist in his popular Twitter.

For Sean, a thousand bucks is ridiculous money, he earns much more from his NFT jobs. And it’s not just about the money: Instagram has been driving artists for a long time. Unpredictable algorithm, sanctimonious censorship, gratuitous locks and frostbitten support; – all this somehow does not cause a desire to help the office of the social network.