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People search Instagram for news but don’t trust it

Only 26% of those surveyed in the study trust Instagram, the problem is that 2/3 of them are under 25 years old. At the same time, in 2 years, twice as many people began to use the network as a source of news.

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have no higher levels of trust. True, Instagram has overtaken Twitter and Snapchat as a news resource. 59% trust the authorities and news resources, writes the Institute for the Study of Journalism Reuters. And this is a serious growth. Before the pandemic, this figure was only 38%. However, Story Stickers dedicated to current events increase engagement with news on Instagram.

Where does the mistrust come from? Due to unverified data. Bloggers write about what they barely know, spread rumors and gossip and are not responsible for the accuracy of the information. In addition, in 9 countries out of 40, users will prefer “no point of view” news. And it’s hard to find such people on social media.

The highest degree of trust is in scientists and doctors as a source of information. Surprisingly, people trust governments a little more than their acquaintances. But the politicians are a little less. Strangers have overtaken search sites and video hosting in the trust rating. Messengers are in last place, social networks are in front of them.

How to write about news?

Everything related to events and facts of an informational nature are not subject to copyright. Including news. Use freely. “On the island … there was a volcanic eruption” is a fact. It doesn’t belong to anyone.
But as soon as an assessment, a first-person quote, an analyst or an interview appears in a publication with the news, the news turns into an article. For example, a witness to the eruption filmed it on the phone and loudly comments on what is happening. And here you need permission from the copyright holder.
There is a free use option. In this case, you must indicate the author and the source of the material. If the site does not explicitly prohibit the use of materials.

You can rewrite the article by doing a rewrite. True, we forget that to create a derivative material, you also need the consent of the copyright holder of the source code. Otherwise, the rewriting should be very far from the original.