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The most important performance indicator

One of the most common questions that arises among those who conduct or order SMM promotion tango premium videos is how to understand the effectiveness of advertising and community in social networks.

Let’s say you have a group of 10,000 members where you regularly hold various activities, publish posts, but how active is your community? To what extent are its members really interested in your product?

Let’s share a little secret – the answer to your question will be the measurement of the engagement rate. When evaluating our work, we focus on it. Please note that we are talking about the quality of your community, here we are not talking about such results as clicks to the site, lead generation and sales in social networks, because. all this is a consequence of the interest of the participants in your group.

There is no single concept on the market how the engagement indicator is calculated correctly (and honestly, few people use it), so we offer you a methodology that we use ourselves. Let’s first take a look at what this indicator means. The engagement rate or Engagement rate shows the ratio of user activity to the total number of users in a particular community. That is, it is the sum of all likes, comments and reposts for a certain period, divided by the number of community members. Ideally, this indicator should be at least one. This will mean that each member of the group has taken some active action over the past period: like, repost or leave a comment.

For convenience and possible analysis, we recommend calculating this indicator monthly. That is, to take statistics on a certain day of the month and look not only at the indicator itself, which will turn out, but also at its dynamics. Has he fallen or grown up? What did you do last month that affected his fluctuations? Did you run a contest, change the topic of your posts, or change your ads to improve the performance of your social media ads, resulting in interested users joining? Analytics is a must!

To increase this indicator, you need to act from two sides: firstly, by improving the quality of the group members, and secondly, by improving the quality of the group itself.

Here are a few methods you can use:

Increase the effectiveness of advertising in social networks, especially if this is your main source of traffic
Never use user cheating (bots and offers). If there are already any, delete them without regret;
Publish material relevant to the topic of the group and interesting to the user;
Conduct promotions, contests and other activities;
Launch polls and discussions.
Let’s look at two communities on the VKontakte social network: the Ushasty Nyan brand group with 3586 (at the time of writing) users and the JOHNSON’S® Baby Ukraine group with 38,712 users (at the time of writing). Which community is more effective in your opinion?

The first answer that suggests itself is, of course, where there are 38,000 users. But let’s see the activity!

We unload statistics, we consider activity for 30 days as handles. And we get the data: “Eared Nanny” scored 4,332 likes, comments and reposts over the period against 1,400 “activities” in JOHNSON’S® Baby Ukraine. We divide the activities by the number of users, multiply by 100% and we see that in the Eared Nanny we have an engagement rate of 1.21 and in Johnson 0.02!

As they say, the numbers speak for themselves, and in such a simple example, we saw that the number of users in a group is not an indicator of the success of your community. Be vigilant and look at the engagement rate, not the number of users (after all, we all understand how in one day and without a budget you can artificially show the effectiveness of advertising and promotion in social networks).